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11/7/2011 1 Chapter 11: Nutrition – Food for Though Food for Thought (continued) Nov. 9/2011 Review from Last Lecture Electronegativity Polar vs. non polar (covalent) bonds Polar vs. non polar molecules 2 Review: Which is the most polar bond? 1. C H 2. O H 3 C C 3 3. Cl Cl 4. S H EN values: C (2.5); H (2.1); O (3.5); Cl (3.0); S (2.5) Which is classified as a fat? 1. Steak and salmon only 2. Milk, butter and cheese 4 3. Peanuts and olive oil 4. More than one of these answers is correct
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11/7/2011 2 Macronutrients: Fats and Oils All belong to the lipid family (edible fats/oils and cholesterol and steroids ) Properties: greasy, slippery, soft, low melting solids insoluble in wate solids, in water Animal vs. vegetable Solids vs. liquids Butane (a hydrocarbon chain) is: 1. A polar covalent compound 2. A non polar covalent compound 3 An ionic compound 6 3. An ionic compound 4. Both polar and non
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Lect+27+Fall+2011 - Chapter11 Nutrition...

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