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11/4/2011 1 Chapter 11: Nutrition – Food for Though Nov. 7/2011 Food for Thought (continued) Review from Last Lecture Body Mass Index Health consequences of obesity Causes of obesity 2 Bond Polarity vs. Molecular Polarity For H F, there’s only one bond … if its polar then the molecule is also polar But, what about molecules like H 2 O and CH 4 ? Look at each (individual) bond AND ? 3 Molecular Polarity Shape must be considered because the presence of polar bonds does not always lead to a polar molecule Ex CO 4 Ex.: 2 EN=3.5 2.5=1.0 Each C=O bond is: But, shape is:
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11/4/2011 2 Molecular Polarity Ex.: H 2 O EN=3.5 2.1=1.4 Each O H bond is: 5 Shape is: Bond polarities are NOT counterbalanced because of the shape; polarities are reinforced Same Shape? CCl 4 vs. CHCl 3 Both are: The nature of the atoms surrounding the central atom also has an effect on polarity In CCl 4 , each C Cl bond is polar ( EN=0.5) tetrahedral 6 Molecule is….?
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Lect+26+Fall+2011 - BodyMassIndex Causesofobesity Chapter11...

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