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Final Exam notes - Psyc Test#3 Study Gude Chapter 9 Empathy...

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Psyc Test #3 Study Gude Chapter 9 Empathy- Altruism: It feels Good to Help Others Empathy- the capacity to be able to experience others emotional states, feeling sympathetic toward them, and taking their perspective. Empathy altruism hypothesis- at least some prosocial acts are motivated soley by the desire to help someone in need. Impossible to feel empathy for a bunch of people so commercials only focus on the smaller group so you don’t get overwhelmed. Negative State Relief: Sometimes, Helping Reduces Unpleasant Feelings - we help because such actions allow us to reduce our own negative, unpleasant emotions. We do good things so we stop feeling bad. Negative state relief model- acting in prosocial behavior in order to improve your own unhappiness. In these situations, unhappiness leads to prosocial behavior, and empathy is not a necessary component. Empathic Joy : Helping as an Accomplishment- empathic joy hypothesis : a helper responds to the needs of a victim because they want to accomplish something and doing so is rewarding in and of itself. It is important to know that his or her actions had a positive effect on the victim. Empathy alone is not enough to produce prosocial response; rather participants were helpful only if there was high empathy and feedback about impact on the victim. Why nice people sometimes finish first
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Final Exam notes - Psyc Test#3 Study Gude Chapter 9 Empathy...

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