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MTS 723 F97 3c1.Data Analysis:Prologue 7.Oct.97 MTS 723 Topic Outline 1 3c1. Prologue Terminology Types of Data Analysis MTS 723 Terminology 2 experiment a test where we attempt to determine a cause-effect relationship variables the parameters that can change independent we control them (the “causes”) dependent we measure them (the “effects”) result the value of a dependent variable after an experiment (the effect) expected value what we would predict to measure as a result confidence how much the result might vary from experiment to experiment
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Unformatted text preview: MTS 723 Types of Data Analysis 3 Numerical Determine the expected value of an experiment based on past history. Error Determine the confidence we have in obtaining the expected value based on past history and measuring method. Graphical Quantify the dependence a result appears to have on an independent variable. Statistical Determine the extent to which results of different experiments are significantly different from each other given the expected value and confidence for the experiments. 1...
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