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Chapter 5 (Lect 3) State Reduction Design (Synthesis) Procedures D flip-flops JK flip-flops T flip-flops
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State Reduction: The goal is to finds ways to reduce the number of states, without altering the input-output relationships. Accomplished using the state table Key: two states are equivalent if for each member of the set of inputs they give the same outputs and send the circuit into an equivalent next state. When two states are equivalent, one may be removed Procedure: 1. Look for two present states that go to the same next state when the same inputs are applied. 2. If they produce the same input/output combinations remove the redundant state. 3. Replace the removed redundant state symbol any where it appears as the next state in the state table with the symbol of the state that was kept. Note: A reduced number of states does not guarantee a reduction in the number of flip-flops or the complexity of the combinational logic for a circuit
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