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4a) The Agronomist completed a randomized complete block design with five different cultivars broken into 3 replications. The process was completed with repeated measurements over time. Every observation in each cultivar/block was measured four times in 2 years. The cultivar is the main treatment effect with blocks. Within subjects design is the repetition of measurements of the same observation over time, five cultivars at 4 different times. The within subject error is from the repeated measurements at each time of measurements. Between subjects design is described as randomized complete block design of the 5 different cultivar effects randomized to plots in each of the 3 blocks. The between subject error is derived from the between the cultivar treatment. 4b) Mean of observations for each cultivar Cultivar Means Over Time 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 1986april 1986may 1987april 1987may time Plot (pds/plot) cultivar 1 cultivar 2 cultivar 3 cultivar 4 cultivar 5
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4c) Linear Model for split plot analysis: where i=1,2,3,4,5 j=1,2,3, 4 and k = 1,2,3 µ : General Mean : fixed treatment effect of the cultivar of the ith level of the factor
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STA5168_HW2_prob4 - 4a The Agronomist completed a...

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