syllabus - Tomoyuki Nakayama Office: NPB 2155 Phone:...

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PHY 2005 Applied Physics 2 – Summer 2005 Tomoyuki Nakayama Office: NPB 2155 Phone: 352-392-0310 MWE 2 nd Period (9:30 – 10:35 am) in NPB 1002 Email: Office Hours: M3 & R7 ___________________________________________________________________________ Textbook: th edition, John Wiley & Sons, 1994) Course Description: We will cover chapters 19-28 and several topics from chapters 29-31 of Technical Physics by Bueche & Wallach, the topics of which contain electricity, magnetism, optics and modern physics. This course will be taught with an emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than technical details, with experimental demonstrations to help you to grasp physical backgrounds behind each physical law given in a mathematical form. Expectations: You are expected to attend all lectures to learn basic concepts and how to apply them in solving problems. We strongly urge you to work on suggested homework problems. Although homework assignments are not collected or graded, working problems is essential to understanding the material and thus to achieving a good grade. You are assumed to have a working knowledge of algebra, geometry and elementary trigonometry functions. Since there is a lot of material covered in one week, you need to keep up your study on a daily basis and complete reading assignments as specified in the Course Schedule before class. Announcement will appear occasionally on the course webpage and will often be made at the
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syllabus - Tomoyuki Nakayama Office: NPB 2155 Phone:...

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