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PHY 4604 Fall 2010 – Comments Concerning Homework 1 The mean and median scores out of 40 (taking into account late penalties) were 30 and 32.5, respectively. The highest score was 34, and only five students received less than 25. Comments specific to Homework 1: 1. Question 1 stated that E might be complex. Thus, it was not justified to assume (as did most students) that | exp( iEt/ ~ ) | 2 = 1. A careful calculation (see the solution distributed in class) shows that the normalization factor A varies with time except in the special case where E is real. 2. The algebra for Question 2(a) is much simpler if one works with terms of the form e as long as possible before applying Euler’s formula. Replacing e by cos α + i sin α at the start of the calculation of the probability current quadruples the number of terms that must be considered. Despite the lengthy algebra, most students got Questions 2(a) and 2(b) completely correct. 3. To gain full credit on Questions 2(c)–(e), it was necessary to list
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