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Department of Physics University of Florida Bachelor of Arts The Bachelor of Arts [BA] Degree Program is for students who want to major in physics but are not presently contemplating physics graduate studies. It provides a good foundation in the fundamentals while offering Increased flexibility in the major, through fewer required courses and more electives Opportunity for parallel studies in another discipline and/or pre-professional preparation Many of today's students wish to consider dual majors or dual degree programs so as to enhance their employability upon graduation or to afford more avenues for later graduate study. While a number of technology-oriented physics majors accomplish this through the BS track, the latter's rigor coupled with requirements of the second degree/major usually necessitates more time -- another semester or two -- before graduation with both degrees or majors. The physics BA curriculum thus is designed to meet the needs of the following categories of students: 1. Students looking for a more flexible major in order to complete professional school admission requirements or to meet other career goals in minimum time. 2. Dual majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dual majors (Physics and another discipline) have been graduated with Astronomy, Computer Science, Mathematics, Music and Philosophy. 3. Dual degrees: the physics major plus a degree from another College such as Engineering. 4.
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undergrad-ba - Department of Physics Undergraduate Program...

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