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University of Florida Bachelor of Science Students with a strong interest in understanding the fundamental whys and hows of natural physical phenomena are encouraged to consider majoring in physics. The knowledge acquired and analytical skills developed provide excellent broad-based training for a variety of careers in industry, education and government as well as preparation for further graduate study in physics, astronomy and astrophysics, science education, most areas of engineering, biophysics, law and medicine. Two curriculum options are available. The regular option is normally taken by transfer students, UF students beginning their mathematics course work at or below the Calculus I level and all other students not taking the two-year sequence PHY 2060-2061-3062-3063 [See Accelerated Option, described in the next paragraph]. Students in the regular option take a minimum of 40 credits in physics, PHY 2048-2049-2048L-2049L or equivalent; PHY 3101 and the bridge courses PHY 3221, 3323 and 3513; PHY 4222, 4324, 4523, 4604, 4802L-4803L and one 3-credit approved physics elective. The accelerated option is open to freshmen entering the university with advanced preparation in mathematics and physics, permits an early start and more flexibility for technical and other electives in the fourth year. Eligibility requirements for the accelerated option include a previous complete high school-level physics course and sufficient mathematics preparation (algebra, trigonometry, analytic geometry and calculus) to permit enrollment at the Calculus 2 level (MAC 2312) or higher in the first semester at UF. This track includes a minimum of 38 credits in physics: PHY 2060-2061- 3062-3063 and PHY 2048L-2049L; PHZ 3113; PHY 4222, 4328, 4523, 4604, 4802L- 4803L and one 3-credit approved physics elective. Physics majors must take one year of college-level chemistry and a minimum of six credits in approved mathematics courses beyond MAP 2302 (differential equations) or equivalent. Adequate mathematical preparation before taking certain physics courses is essential and is built into the suggested plans. All undergraduate majors are encouraged to participate in research activities. Advanced students may also be eligible to enroll in certain graduate courses, thereby accelerating their education. Physics majors are urged to confer with a department adviser as early as possible and especially as their education goals evolve. Undergraduate Program
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undergrad-bs - Department of Physics Undergraduate Program...

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