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10ALC - Fauzoro ALC for PHY3323 1 A proton e originally has...

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Unformatted text preview: Fauzoro ALC for PHY3323 1. A proton (+e) originally has a speed of 2.0 X 105 m/s as it goes through a plate as shown in the figure. It shoots through the tiny holes in the two plates across which 16 V of electric potential is applied. Find the speed as it leaves the second plate in m/s. A. 192le B. 5.0 X 107 ' C. 505.3 D. 7.8);104 E. 1.1){10S V = 2 X 105 m/s Answer: A ‘I , 1.6V 2. A solid insulating sphere of radius R contains positive charge that is distributed with a volume charge density that does not depend on angle but does increase with distance ' from the sphere center. Which of the graphs below might give the magnitude E of the electric field as a fimction of the distance r from the center of the sphere? am 51:1 {31:1 Answer: D ...
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