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Unformatted text preview: PHY 3323 December 6, 2010 Exam #3 παρ ´ ατα τη ζω ´ η σoυ αγ ´ απα τη σχoλ ´ η σoυ και δι ´ αβαζǫ πoλ ´ υ Greek Anarchist Slogan (1) A semicircular wire, lying in the lower half of the x- y plane with radius R and centered at the origin, carries a steady current I in the counterclockwise direction. This problem concerns the magnetic field at a position (in the upper half plane) vector r = R cos( θ ) hatwide x + R sin( θ ) hatwide y . Of course the semicircular wire must be hooked up to some other wires to complete the circuit but we want just the effect of the semicircular wire. a) What form must vector B ( vector r ) take from dimensional analysis? (10 points) b) Write down an explicit integral expression for vector B ( vector r ). (20 points) (2) A uniformly charged solid sphere of radius R carries a total charge Q , and is set spinning with angular velocity ω about the z axis....
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