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1 ALTAHADI UNIVERSITY Faculty of Engineering Subject: Strength of materials II Civil Engineering Dept. Date: 26- 12- 2007 Fourth Semester Problems in Strength of Materials II Composite Beams Q.1) A timber beam (150 mm) wide and (300 mm) deep is to be reinforced by two steel plates (10 mm) thick firmly attached to its sides and symmetrically placed about the horizontal center line of the beam section. If the beam is to carry a central concentrated load of 52.5 kN on a span (3m), and the maximum stress in the timber is not to exceed (8.5 MPa), find the minimum depth of the steel plates required, assuming the beam to be simply supported at the ends. Knowing that E for steel= 20 x E for timber. Q.2) F ig.1 shows a s imp ly supported beam w ith an overhang, made of two different materials A & B as shown in the cross section. Material (A) has E = 200GPa and material (B)
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problems_in_strength_of_materials_2 - ALTAHADI UNIVERSITY...

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