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hw7 - two data points on the same graph along with the full...

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Stat 704: Homework 7, due Tuesday, Nov. 15 1. Weighted least squares : 11.6:(a,c,d,e,f). 2. Weighted least squares : 11.7(a,b,c,d,e,f). For 11.7(b) the SAS code might look some- thing like this: proc model data=d; parms b0 b1; y=b0+x1*b1; fit y / breusch=(1 x1); 3. Robust regression : 11.11(a,e). For part (a), plot both fits
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Unformatted text preview: two data points on the same graph along with the full data set; clearly mark cases 46 and 47. For 11.11(e), obtain the fitted Huber IRLS estimate from SAS and plot with the fit from part (a). Also obtain the L 1 fit (LAD) and plot this fit with the other two (OLS and IRLS)....
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