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hw8 - Y i versus each predictor and describe what you see...

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Stat 704, Fall 2011: Homework 8 , due Tuesday, Nov. 22 I posted some sample SAS code that does most of what you need for the following problems. Flu shots : 14.14(a,b,c), 14.20(b), 14.22(a,b), 14.28(b,c), 14.32(a,b), 14.36(a). For 14.28(a,b), use a first-order model with x 1 x 2 (age & awareness) only; 14.28(b) just use the standard SAS output from LACKFIT. For 14.32 and 14.36, use the model with just x 1 x 2 . Falls : For the data of problem 14.39, plot the numbers of falls
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Unformatted text preview: Y i versus each predictor and describe what you see. Fit a standard regression model to these data and plot residuals versus the fitted values. Is constant variance reasonable here? Now fit Poisson regression. 14.39 (a,c,d). Use the standard Wald test for (c) from SAS. Finally, obtain the studentized Pearson residuals and plot then versus fitted values and each predictor x 1 , x 3 , and x 4 to check model fit. Does it fit okay? 1...
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