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515proj_spring11_part1 - Spring 2011 STAT 515 Project Part...

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Spring 2011 - STAT 515 Project -- Part I The Analysis of Two Related Variables The eventual goal of this assignment is to analyze two quantitative variables (that may be related to each other) to see if you can predict one from the other. The data set should consist of a set of individual people or things (say, 25 or more) on which two variables have been measured . The data can either be from a sample, a survey, or an experiment. They may be real data you found in a published source (not the textbook, and not one that has already analyzed the data!) or may be data you gathered yourself. They may be data related to a master’s or senior hon ors thesis, but may not be data from a previous statistics course. Both variables need to be continuous (or at least have a large number of different levels if discrete). For this preliminary part, you should describe in a brief paragraph: (1) the individuals in your sample; (2) how you will obtain the data; and (3) which two NUMERICAL variables will be measured or observed for each individual.
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