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Spring 2011 - STAT 515 – Project Part II The Analysis of Two Related Variables The goal of this assignment is to analyze two quantitative variables (that may be related to each other) to see if you can predict one from the other. The data set should consist of a set of individual people or things (say, 25 or more) on which two variables have been measured . Both variables need to be continuous (or at least have a large number of different levels if discrete). You should have already described your data set to the instructor, who has approved it. The goal is to analyze the data and to present the results so that someone who has not had a statistics course could understand them. For example, if you use the median as a descriptive statistic you would need to briefly explain to the reader what the median is and why you chose it. When you report the p-value of a hypothesis test, you need to explain what it means and why you would probably reject (or fail to reject) the null hypothesis. You don't need to explain how the tests of hypotheses work, but you do need to explain what the assumptions are. The project will have to address five main questions: 1) What question are you trying to answer? (e.g., Can the height of students be used to predict how far someone can jump ?) 2) Why is this question of interest? (e.g., In grade school one of the tests in gym class is to see how far you can jump. Is this fair to people who are short? ) 3) How was the data gathered, and what limitations does this imply? How would you overcome these
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2011 for the course STAT 515 taught by Professor Zhao during the Spring '10 term at South Carolina.

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515proj_spring11_part2 - Spring 2011 - STAT 515 Project...

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