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CS 490 STUDY GUIDE FALL 2011 TEST 2 GENERAL GUIDELINES: Review your notes, the Power Points, and the textbook. Check out the summary at the end of each chapter as well as the chapter review questions; some of them are helpful. Review homework assignments. Learn to prioritize; not every item is of equal importance. For example, understanding the details of paging is more valuable than knowing the difference between global and local page replacement. CHAPTER 6: Concurrency: Deadlock and Starvation Be able to clearly differentiate between deadlock and starvation Reusable versus consumable resources: definitions and examples Graphic representation of resource allocation The four necessary and sufficient conditions for deadlock Deadlock prevention and deadlock avoidance: difference, techniques for each, etc. Deadlock detection: in what ways might it be better than either prevention or avoidance. The integrated deadlock strategy UNIX concurrency mechanisms. Know something about pipes, message queues & shared memory CHAPTER 7: Memory Management Memory management requirements, especially relocation, protection, sharing. Table 7.2: memory management techniques.
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CS490_StudyGuideT2 - CS 490 STUDY GUIDE TEST 2 FALL 2011...

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