CS490_SYL_FA2011 - CS 490 - Introduction to Operating...

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CS 490 - Introduction to Operating Systems Syllabus Fall 2011 GENERAL INFORMATION Instructor : Dr. Mary Ellen Weisskopf Office: Technology Hall (TH) N300A Phone: (256) 824-6306 Email: [email protected] Class home page http://www.cs.uah.edu/~weisskop/hpage490.html TEXTBOOK: Op e rating Systems: Internals and Design Principles , 7 th edition, William Stallings, Prentice Hall, 2012. CATALOG DESCRIPTION : History and principles of operating systems. Emphasis on the fundamental concepts of process management, memory management, I/O management, and file systems. Topics include process states, threads, CPU scheduling, concurrent processing, virtual memory, disk scheduling. Brief overview of modern operating systems including multiprocessor, distributed, and real time systems. Contemporary operating systems such as UNIX, and Windows will be used as examples. Students will be assigned substantial programming projects. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To provide a thorough understanding of fundamental principles of operating system design 2. To illustrate the application of these principles by discussing their implementation in Windows UNIX, and/or other modern operating systems. 3. To develop an ability to analyze systems and to understand how to evaluate various options. 4. To give practical experience in the implementation of operating system theory so that the tradeoffs between theory and practice can be better understood. WHAT THE COURSE WILL NOT COVER
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2011 for the course CS 490 taught by Professor Weisskop during the Fall '11 term at University of Alabama - Huntsville.

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CS490_SYL_FA2011 - CS 490 - Introduction to Operating...

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