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A8_Test Prep - Test Prep Test CS 690 Test 1 Home Page Study...

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Unformatted text preview: Test Prep Test CS 690 Test 1 Home Page Study Aids Home Sample Test Study Questions Other Good Advice Assessment Standards How to Prepare - papers How Review each paper What is its main overall purpose? How does it compare to similar How projects/systems/etc. ? projects/systems/etc. • e.g. SPIN v Exokernel Pick out 3-5 major ideas/concepts Pick How to Prepare – all topics How Make an outline for each subject/topic For each major idea, write a short For paragraph summarizing the main points paragraph Be sure to know definitions of terms, so Be you can understand the questions. you Other Tips Other Review your homework and read my Review comments. comments. If I said your answers were vague, focus on If being more specific. being If I said “correct, but not necessary”, focus on If answering the question that was asked, do not feel like you must give lots of background. not Read the question carefully and do what it Read says!! says!! Exam Format Exam Multiple choice, matching or other Multiple objective question objective Short answer Comparisons “What’s the significance of this concept” State the main concept/purpose/reason Essay or paragraphs What Is a Good Answer? What The facts are right. It is not just something you have memorized and It regurgitated regurgitated It answers the question I asked, not the question It you thought I would ask. you It addresses the main points and does not focus It on side issues. on It is not vacuous It It is organized and coherent: not just a collection It of key words strung together of For Example For Question: “Compare an apple and an orange.” Bad Answer: “An apple is red and crunchy while Bad an orange is juicy, and a member of the citrus genus.” genus.” Better: “Apples and oranges are both fruits and Better: have a round shape. Apples are from the genus malus and oranges from the citrus genus. Apples are usually red, oranges are orange.” Apples In other words, compare by looking at the same In attributes in both and deciding how they are the same or different. same Compare Example Compare If you just describe and evaluate each If separately, you will not get full credit. separately, Use phrases like “A does it this way; on Use the other hand, B does it that way”, or “A and B both do this”. and For Example For Question: Give a significant difference betw. the Question: FCFS scheduling algorithm and RR scheduling. FCFS Good Answer: “FCFS allows processes to run Good until they block or terminate. RR allows processes to run until they exceed a preprocesses determined time-slice.” or “FCFS allows the determined process to decide how long it runs but RR has an upper limit to how long a process can run before another process is allowed to execute.” before Not as good, but not terrible: “RR has more Not context switches than FCFS due to time slicing”. context Bad : “RR uses time-slices, FCFS doesn’t” Notice: none of them define RR or FCFS Significant Difference Example Significant Significant differences usually should be a Significant difference in method or approach, not an effect of that method. So rather than say “A is more efficient than B” give the difference in method or structure that causes A to be more efficient. causes For Example For Question: “What is virtual memory?” Vacuous Answer: “Virtual memory is a very Vacuous important memory management technique. Today, almost all computers employ some form of virtual memory. Virtual memory is implemented by the memory management portion of the operating system. It requires special computer hardware and software. Computers without virtual memory are not as efficient or user-friendly as computers with virtual memory…blah, blah, blah.” virtual ...
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