LiedkeSOSP - O n-K erne lC on struct ion JochenL ied tke...

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Unformatted text preview: O n-K erne lC on struct ion JochenL ied tke GMD|G erm anN at iona lR esearchC en terforIn form at ionT echno logy jochen .lied tke@ gm d .de A b stract thACMSymposiumonOperatingSystemPrinciplesSOSP) December-,CopperMountainResort,Colorado F rom aso ftw are-techno logypo in to fv iew ,the- kerne lconcep tissuper iortolargein tegratedkerne ls . O ntheotherhand ,itisw ide lybe lievedthata)- kerne lbasedsy stem sareinheren t ly inec ientandb ) theyarenotsuc ient ly ex ib le .C on trad ictorytoth is be lie f,w eshowandsupportbydocum en taryev idence thatinec iencyand in ex ib ilityo fcu rren t-kerne lsis notinher ited from thebas icideabu tm ost ly from over- load ingthekerne land/orfrom im p roperim p lem en ta- t ion . B asedon funct iona lreason s ,w edescr ibesom econ- cep tswh ic hm u stbeim p lem en tedb ya-kerne land illu stratethe ir ex ib ility .Then ,w eana lyzetheper- form ancecr it ica lpo in ts .W eshowwhatperform ance isach ievab le ,thattheec iencyissuc ien tw ithre- specttom acro-kerne lsandwhysom epub lishedcon tra- d ictorym easu rem en tsarenotev iden t .Fu rtherm ore ,w e descr ibesom eim p lem en tat iontechn iquesand illu strate why-kerne lsareinheren t lynotportab le ,a lthough they im p roveportab ilityo fthewho lesy stem . R at iona le-kerne lbasedsy stem shavebeenbu iltlongbe forethe term itse lfw asin troduced ,e .g .byB r inchH an sen [ ] andW u lfeta l.[ ]. T rad it iona lly ,thew ord `kerne l' isu sedtodenotetheparto ftheoperat ingsy stem thatis m andatoryandcomm ontoa llotherso ftw are .Thebas ic GMDSET {RS , Sank tAugu st in ,G erm any Copy r igh t c bytheA ssoc iat ion fo rCom pu t ingM ach ine ry , Inc .P e rm iss iontom aked ig ita lo rha rdcop ieso fpa rto ra llo fth is w o rkfo rpe rsona lo rc lassroom use isg ran tedw ithou tfeep rov ided thatcop iesa reno tm adeo rd istr ibu tedfo rp roto rcomm e rc ia lad- van tageandthatnewcop iesbea rth isno t iceandthefu llc itat ion ontherstpage .Copy r igh tsfo rcom ponen tso fth isWORKow ned byo the rsthanACMm ustbehono red .A bstract ingw ithc red itis pe rm itted .T ocopyo the rw ise ,torepub lish ,topostonse rve rso r tored istr ibu teto lists ,requ iresp r io rspec icpe rm iss ionand/o ra fee .R equestP e rm iss ionsfromPub licat ionsD ep t,ACM Inc .,Fax+ )- ,orpe rm iss ions@ acm .o rg . ideao fthe-kerne lapp roach istom in im izeth ispart , i.e .to im p lem en tou ts idethekerne lwhateverposs ib le . Theso ftw aretechno log ica ladvan tageso fth isap- p roachareobv iou s : a)A c lear-kerne lin terfaceen forcesam orem odu lar sy stem structu re . b )Serverscanu sethem echan ism sp rov idedbythe-kerne llik ean yotheru serp rogram .Serverm a l- funct ion isasiso latedasanyotheru serp rogram 's m a lfunct ion . c)Thesy stem ism ore ex ib leandta ilorab le .D ier- en tstrateg iesandAP Is ,im p lem en tedbyd ierent servers ,cancoex istinthesy stem . A lthoughm ucheorthasbeeninvestedin-kerne l con struct ion ,theapp roach isnotyet)genera llyac- cep ted .Th isisduetothefactthatm...
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2011 for the course CS 690 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '11 term at University of Alabama - Huntsville.

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LiedkeSOSP - O n-K erne lC on struct ion JochenL ied tke...

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