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q3_sol_213 - =-l A l = U G m3(t-la cr,5 V 7,5v ta(T3-Ta-4...

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Name pts FaIl2009 EE2l3 - Quiz 3 Consider the following circuit. Redraw the portion of the circuit considered to be the circuit network and find its Thevenin equivalent circuit (i.e. Vrnand Rn1. lo 3q 4c) lA I\
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Unformatted text preview: = -l A l-.- = U G m3-(t-la cr,-+,5 V : - 7,5v ta(T3-Ta) -4 lb{3 = lD T.,= -C"Qt !\-fa) +ta =g 13- tn{ = O z5 {\ fna , ^G -Vec @b *rr- !ttt* = qsr- l +s'--larlr\/ LTa bvJ bs-r* It VD L--,Rr*V...
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