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q5_sol_213 - =C t-L b=o d,r-vz-r t M t=o I = sbv lG =-lbv...

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EE2l3 - Quiz 5 pts Spring 2007 This quiz is closed book and notes and is worth 20 points. Consider the following circuit where the switch has been closed for a long time and then opens instantaneously at t:0. Solve for the voltage, vc(t) for P0. t=,c+ 5;u .l<-o {r. co-) -- Lt to-) = ,tE Sa+ 6a+ drrc- I tr 'L--o+ L-tgl c- + T zcv 4A l- 5s+ +J-
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Unformatted text preview: =C t-L b=o d,r-vz-r t_ M t=o. ( I = sbv lG =- -lbv lUtb) = Stoeupt-ar') -ltoe'tpt-at) vl I Lta t-O + fL* vL vc l/6 F (s+ a)Csrra)=C _t €&=*3 s Lrt o+) = 4A Lt o+) ' -t[ A tt-, c o+) = aar( 'tr'to+) - o 'lratbt; K, eu+ (-ae) J- Ka ev? (-31),vr -t:o i:.t-Lo*) =lK\ "+ -Ka - Atl frto+) 4A Sr=-?s-\...
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