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Library usage for Engineering

Library usage for Engineering - Library use for Engineering...

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Unformatted text preview: Library use for Engineering http://libguides.uah.edu/ee 1. Main library website is http://lib.uah.edu. From this page you can search the catalog from any computer, but it does not provide journal article access. To access the library so that you can search the journal databases from home/dorm: https://elib.uah.edu/login. When you open that page, you will see instructions for how to log on to our system. To see what research guides the library offers by subject, go to http://libguides.uah.edu. 2. Reference Desk Phone # 256‐824‐6529. The Circulation Desk Phone # 256‐824‐6530. See Home Page for hours of operation. Also, you can access the Ask‐a‐Librarian service from the Home Page. 3. Printing is available, and the cost to print is $.10 per page for B/W and $.30 per page for color. The money can be loaded onto your Charger Card at the kiosk in the library if you have a Flex Account set up. The machine only takes paper, no coins. You can also send the article to yourself and print from home. 4. Specific Instructions: From Library Home Page: If you know the Title of the Journal – Toolbar: Journals List: Find a Journal Title If you want to browse journal titles in a certain field – Toolbar: Journals List: Browse Subjects Select a Subject: Technology If you want to search for a book – Toolbar: Books & E‐Books List: UAH Library Catalog Books: In the Salmon Library, print books are arranged on library shelves according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. This call number uniquely identifies the item and places it on shelves near other material on the same subject. The schedule below provides an overview of engineering‐ related call numbers. GB Physical geography. 651 – 2998 Hydrology. Water. GC Oceanography. 1000 – 1581 Marine resources. Marine pollution. HD Industry, companies and management. HE Transportation and Communication Q Science (General). 180 Operations research. 300 – 390 Artificial intelligence. Information theory. QA Mathematics. 75 – 76 Computer science. 801 – 939 Analytic mechanics. Fluid mechanics. QC Physics. QD Chemistry. QE Geology. TA Engineering (General). Civil engineering. 349 – 359 Mechanics of engineering. Applied mechanics. 401 – 492 Materials of engineering and construction. 630 – 820 Structural engineering. Geotechnical engineering. 1501 – 1820 Applied optics. TC Hydraulic engineering. TD Environmental engineering. TE Highway engineering. Roads and pavements.* TF Railroad engineering and operations.* TG Bridge engineering.* TH Building construction. TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery. 163 Power resources. Energy conservation. 210.2 – 225 Robotics. Control engineering. R Medicine. 856 – 857 Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation. 895 – 920 Medical physics. Medical radiology. Nuclear medicine. T Technology. 55.4 – 60.8 Industrial engineering. 385 Computer graphics. TK Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering. 5101 – 6720 Telecommunications. 7800 – 8360 Electronics. 9001 – 9401 Nuclear engineering. TL Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics. TN Mining engineering. Metallurgy. TP Chemical technology. TS Manufacturing. 155 – 194 Production management. Operations To search for articles – Use a database to find articles related to the topic you are interested in: Toolbar: Online Databases List: Databases by Majors/Select Subject e.g. Electrical Engineering (resulting list of databases to choose from) Or List: Browse A to Z/Select letter for first letter in the database's name e.g. "I" for IEEEXPlore If you find an article that we have in print in our collection, we have copy machines for your use. Machines will take coins or Charger Card. Key Library Databases 1. IEEExplore (Electrical Engineering) 2. Academic Search Premier (general topics) 3. Science Direct (many science/engineering topics) 4. EbscoHost eBook Collection (books online) Layout of the Library and Item Locations: The library has three floors plus a lower level. Each floor has a South (S), a Central (C), and a North (N) wing. The designation S1 = 1st floor South, N3 or 3N = 3rd floor North … The Lower Level area houses the Government Documents Collection and the Archives, aka Special in catalog listing of location. The in‐print journals are placed on the stacks in alphabetical order by title. Those starting with the letters A and B can be found in C2. All others are located in N1. Books with call numbers A through N are on N2. Books with call numbers P through Z are on N3. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ More questions? Visit the Reference Desk, call the Reference Desk at 256‐824‐6529 or Ask Us Anything at this link: http://libanswers.uah.edu/ ...
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