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12 1. ALGEBRAIC THEMES map vertices to vertices!) Now there is exactly one point in R that is equidistant from the four vertices; this is the centroid of the figure, which is the intersection of the two diagonals of R . Denote the centroid C . What is ±.C/ ? Since ± is an isometry and maps the set of vertices to itself, ±.C/ is still equidistant from the four vertices, so ±.C/ D C . We can assume without loss of generality that the figure is located with its centroid at 0 , the origin of coordinates. It follows from the results quoted in the previous paragraph that ± extends to a linear isometry of R 3 . The same argument and the same conclusion are valid for many other geometric figures (for example, polygons in the plane, or polyhedra in space). For such figures, there is (at least) one point that is mapped to itself by every symmetry of the figure. If we place such a point at the origin of coordinates, then every symmetry of the figure extends to a linear isometry of R 3 . Let’s summarize with a proposition:
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