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College Algebra - 1.7 MODULAR ARITHMETIC 43 What are the objects Zn actually good for First they are devices for studying the integers Congruence

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1.7. MODULAR ARITHMETIC 43 What are the objects Z n actually good for? First, they are devices for studying the integers. Congruence modulo n is a fundamental relation in the integers, and any statement concerning congruence modulo n is equiv- alent to a statement about Z n . Sometimes it is easier, or it provides better insight, to study a statement about congruence in the integers in terms of Z n . Second, the objects Z n are fundamental building blocks in several gen- eral algebraic theories, as we shall see later. For example, all finite fields are constructed using Z p for some prime p . Third, although the algebraic systems Z n were first studied in the nine- teenth century without any view toward practical applications, simply be- cause they had a natural and necessary role to play in the development of algebra, they are now absolutely fundamental in modern digital engi- neering. Algorithms for digital communication, for error detection and
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