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Unformatted text preview: 58 1. ALGEBRAIC THEMES Then arrange the first 2 (in 2Š D 2 ways) and the last n 2 (in .n 2/Š ways). This strange process for building permutations gives the formula Âà n nŠ D 2Š .n 2/Š : 2 Now dividing by 2Š .n 2/Š gives Âà nŠ n.n 1/ n D D : 2 2Š.n 2/Š 2 The virtue of this argument is that it remains valid if 2 is replaced by any k , 0 Ä k Ä n. So we have the following: Proposition 1.9.2. Let n be a natural number and let k be an integer in Âà n the range 0 Ä k Ä n. Let denote the number of k -element subsets of k an n-element set. Then Âà nŠ n : D k kŠ.n k /Š Âà n We extend the definition by declaring D 0 if k is negative or kÂà Âà 0 0 greater than n. Also, we declare D 1 and D 0 if k ¤ 0. Note 0 k à Âà Âà n n n that D D 1 for all n 0. The expression is generally read 0 n k as “n choose k .” Âà n Here are some elementary properties of the numbers . k Lemma 1.9.3. Let n be a natural number and k 2 Z. Âà n (a) is a nonnegative integer. kà   à n n (b) D . Âk à Ân kà  à n n1 n1 (c) D C . k k k1 Âà n Proof. Part (a) is evident from the definition of . k ...
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