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Tennyson Short Writing B

Tennyson Short Writing B - despair could express...

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Jacqueline Gray English 262 5 December 2007 Short Writing “Tears, Idle Tears”: A Short Analysis “Tears, Idle Tears” is a song written by Alfred Lord Tennyson within the poem “The Princess”. In the first stanza of “Tears, Idle Tears” (lines 1-5) Tennyson describes the inexplicable emotion he feels looking at a field and thinking of the past autumn. The overall tone of the first stanza seems to be somber, yet curious – as if Tennyson is wondering what causes his tears. Tennyson refers to his tears as ‘idle’ implying the tears and attached emotions do not have a concrete cause or purpose (line 1). However, in the second line Tennyson references the tears as from the “depths of some divine despair” – a particularly ominous line. Divinity is not a Christian characteristic of despair, which is more typically described as from the ‘depths of hell’. The contrast of divinity and
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Unformatted text preview: despair could express Tennyson’s religious doubts. In line three Tennyson’s tears are portrayed as a physical manifestation of emotion that originates from within. Tennyson continues stating the emotion comes from his observation of the spring and summer that has past and the bleak winter autumn will bring. As Tennyson thinks “of the days that are no more” (line 5) he is filled with sorrow. Tennyson contrasts the current “happy autumn-fields” to the past making it unclear what is wrong with the current season. This leads the reader to believe Tennyson relates more to autumn than just what it holds for the future. Tennyson does not seem to have a specific audience in mind. However, one familiar with Tennyson could interpret more from his contradictions by drawing on the blow dealt by the death of a close friend and the emotional and religious struggle that ensued for Tennyson....
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Tennyson Short Writing B - despair could express...

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