Race B - people and civilizations develop in various parts...

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Response to Race , Ann Morning Throughout Morning’s article, Race , it is implied that race has been socially defined and there are no biological boundaries for race. Furthermore, Morning references the fine line that distinguishes between race and ethnicity, and the difficulty many Americans have when trying to define the two terms. As I read the article, I challenged myself to attempt to define and distinguish race and ethnicity – I also found I had difficulty with the two. I believe this is common throughout the United States. Americans do not consistently outline who or what is a race and who or what is an ethnicity. Morning also talks about scientists acknowledging whether or not there is biologically such a thing as race. I am not a biologist, however, I do not believe there are biological differences or races. I am certain that ethnicities exist, and differences in peoples of various cultures exist due to exposure. As cultures and
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Unformatted text preview: people and civilizations develop in various parts of the globe simultaneously, they develop very differently, mostly in response to their surroundings. Various languages, styles of clothing, shelter, and food subsist due to a cultures use of their geographical resources. These differences existing between cultures as a result of geography and survival are not grounds for racism or racial boundaries. While racism is a long-term concern in the United States, the concept of biological difference and ethnic confusion combined with inconsistency does not help close the chasm between the so called “races”. I wonder if race versus ethnicity is a query that will ever be solved, however, I do believe Americans should work to eliminate racial definitions that are closed to our natural diversity and stereotypical....
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Race B - people and civilizations develop in various parts...

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