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Unformatted text preview: 6.6. UNIQUE FACTORIZATION DOMAINS (b) (c) 303 Show that KŒŒx is a principal ideal domain. Hint: Let J be an ideal of KŒŒx. Let n be theP least integer such that J has an element of the form ˛n x n C j >n ˛j x j . Show that J D x n KŒŒx. Show that KŒŒx has a unique maximal ideal M , and KŒŒx=M Š K . 6.5.24. Fix a prime number p and consider the set Qp of rational numbers a=b , where b is not divisible by p . (The notation Qp is not standard.) Show that Qp is a principal ideal domain with a unique maximal ideal M . Show that Qp =M Š Zp . 6.6. Unique Factorization Domains In the first part of this section, we discuss divisors in a unique factorization domain. We show that all unique factorization domains share some of the familiar properties of principal ideal. In particular, greatest common divisors exist, and irreducible elements are prime. Lemma 6.6.1. Let R be a unique factorization domain, and let a 2 R be a nonzero, nonunit element with irreducible factorization a D f1 fn . If b is a nonunit factor of a, then there Q exist a nonempty subset S of f1; 2; : : : ; ng and a unit u such that b D u i 2S fi . Proof. Write a D bc . If c is a unit, then b D c 1 a D c 1 f1 fn , which has the required form. If c is not a unit, consider irreducible factorizations of b and c , b D g1 g` and c D g`C1 gm . Then a D g1 g` g`C1 gm is an irreducible factorization of a. By uniqueness of irreducible factorization, m D n, and the gi ’s agree with the fi ’s up to order and multiplication by units. That is, there is a permutation of f1; 2; : : : ; ng such that each gj is an associate of f .j / . Therefore b D g1 : : : g` is an associate of f .1/ f .`/ . I Lemma 6.6.2. In a unique factorization domain, any finite set of nonzero elements has a greatest common divisor, which is unique up to multiplication by units. ...
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