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9.5. THE GALOIS CORRESPONDENCE 439 inductive assumption applied to the original Equation ( 9.5.1 ) gives that all the coefficients ± i are zero. n Proposition 9.5.8. Let K ± L be a field extension with dim K .L/ finite. Then j Aut K .L/ j ² dim K .L/ . Proof. Suppose that dim K .L/ D n and f ± 1 ;:::;± n g is a basis of L over K . Suppose also that f ² 1 ;:::;² n C 1 g is a subset of Aut K .L/ . (We do not assume that the ² i are all distinct!) The n -by- n C 1 matrix ± ² j i / ² 1 ± i ± n; 1 ± j ± n C 1 has a nontrivial kernel by basic linear algebra. Thus, there exist b 1 ;:::;b n C 1 in L , not all zero, such that X j ² j i /b j D 0 for all i . Now, if k 1 ;:::;k n are any elements of K , 0 D X i k i . X j ² j i / b j / D X j b j ² j . X i k i ± i /: But P i k i ± i represents an arbitrary element of L , so the last equation gives P j b j ² j D 0 . Thus, the collection of ² j is linearly dependent. By the previous proposition, the ² j cannot be all distinct. That is, the cardinality of Aut K .L/ is no more than n . n Exercises 9.5 9.5.1. Suppose that K ± L is an algebraic field extension. Show that
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Unformatted text preview: L D [f M W K ± M ± L and M is finite–dimensional g . If there is an N 2 N such that dim K .M/ ² N whenever K ± M ± L and M is finite–dimensional, then also dim K .L/ ² N . 9.5.2. This exercise gives the proof of Proposition 9.5.6 . We suppose that K ± L is a finite–dimensional field extension, that A;B are fields interme-diate between K and L , and that B is Galois over K . Let ˛ be an element of B such that B D K.˛/ (Proposition 9.5.1 ). Let p.x/ 2 KŒxŁ be the minimal polynomial for ˛ . Then B is a splitting field for p.x/ over K , and the roots of p.x/ are distinct, by Theorem 9.4.14 . (a) Show that A ³ B is Galois over A . Hint: A ³ B D A.˛/ ; show that A ³ B is a splitting field for p.x/ 2 AŒxŁ ....
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