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MAS4105 Linear Algebra I, Section 3247. Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR Lei Zhang, Little Hall 466, 2-0281 ext 264, [email protected]±.edu OFFICE HOURS MTWF 2:45-3:45. CLASS TIME and PLACE MTWF 1:55pm-2:45pm, Matherly Hall 118. TEXT Linear Algebra edition 4/E (fourth edition), by Friedberg, Insel, Spence. [Prentice Hal ISBN: 0-13-008451-4l] PREREQUISITES Grade of C or better in MAC 2313 or MAC 3474 and in MAS 3300 or MHF 3202. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, linear transforma- tions, determinants, eigenvalues, inner-product spaces. This course includes both the- ory and computational skills. The student is expected to develop the ability to reason through, and coherently write up, proofs of theorems. For math majors, this course serves as a transition from a study of techniques into more conceptual math; for en- gineering and science majors, it serves also as a coherent foundation in linear algebra. GRADING
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