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1. Academic Learning Compact for a Major in Mathematics 2. What are Academic Learning Compacts? Each baccalaureate degree program has formulated a set of ISAs for every major. Each set of ISAs will include satisfactory completion of the baccalaureate degree requirements and Florida statutory requirements for the CLAST test. Each major will require one or more additional ISAs to satisfactorily complete the learning compact. DEFINITIONS: These may include a passing score on a particular test, a final project, a term paper, a portfolio, and so on. Faculty in each major have decided what the most effective means to do this is for their particular major. 3. Mathematics majors are expected to achieve proficiency in core mathematics fields (calculus, differential equations, advanced calculus, linear algebra, and abstract algebra) and to demonstrate the ability to read and construct mathematical proofs, the ability to reason in abstract mathematical systems and use mathematical models, and the ability to read new mathematics and to formulate mathematical models
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Math_ALC_for_web-06-19-06 - 1. Academic Learning Compact...

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