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New course announcement (Spring 2006): Modeling in Mathematical Biology Contents : What governs the dynamics of populations, regardless of the nature of its individuals (single cells, higher organisms)? Can this help in explaining the outbreak of an epidemic? Can we control epidemics, and how should we do it? What kind of chemical reactions take place inside a single cell? How do we go from DNA to proteins? What is a metabolic pathway? Why do cells move? This is just a sample of questions which will be addressed in this course. We will spend considerable time in writing down models capturing essential aspects of the particular biological process we’re interested in. This diFers from a course like MAP 2302 (Elementary DiFerential Equations) where modeling is usually only treated brie±y, often even skipped, and where the emphasis is on solving certain diFerential
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Unformatted text preview: equations. We will also develop some tools to mathematically analyze these diFerential equa-tions, without solving them explicitly. These include linearization, phase plane analysis, stability analysis of steady states, simple bifurcations. Textbook : Essential Mathematical Biology by Nicholas ². Britton, 3rd printing Springer 2005. Audience : The course is an elective course, of interest to majors and minors in mathematics, life sciences, physics, chemistry, engineering and related ³elds. Prerequisites : MAP 2302. Course number : MAP 4484/5489. Instructor : Patrick De Leenheer 1 . 1 Department of Mathematics, 411 Little Hall, [email protected], phone: 352-392-0281 ext. 240,˜ deleenhe/ 1...
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