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map230211 - MAP2302 Elementary Di erential Equations...

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MAP2302 Elementary Di erential Equations., Section 3227. Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR Lei Zhang, Little Hall 466, 2-0281 ext 264, [email protected] .edu OFFICE HOURS MTWF 2:45-3:45. CLASS TIME and PLACE MWF 12:50pm-1:40pm, Little Hall 203. TEXT Fundamentals of Di erential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, 6th Edition, by R. Kent Nagle, Edward B. Sa and Arthur David Snider. CREDITS 3 PREREQUISITES Grade of C or better in MAC 2312, MAC 2512 or MAC 3473. DESCRIPTION First-order ordinary di erential equations, theory of linear ordinary dif- ferential equations, solution of linear ordinary di erential equations with constant coef- cients, the Laplace transform and its application to solving linear ordinary di erential equations. CONTENT This course covers the basic theory of ordinary di erential equations and initial value problems. It opens with a treatment of rst-order equations in their various forms and continues with higher-order constant-coe cient linear equations; it also includes an account of Laplace transform methods.
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