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STA 2023 Homework 5 Section 7739 Addendum Name: UFID: Assignment In addition to the exercises listed on the website, you must complete the following: If the DATE of your birthday is EVEN (e.g. the 30th of some month) , then flip a coin 50 times and record all 50 heads and tails ( H and T ) on this piece of paper. Write “EVEN” on the
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Unformatted text preview: back of this piece of paper. • If the DATE of your birthday is ODD (e.g. the 29th of some month) , write down, to the best of your ability, what you think the result of flipping a coin 50 times should be (i.e. 50 random H and T ’s). Write “ODD” on the back of this piece of paper. 1...
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