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STA 3024 Project 1 Fall 2010 Worth: 30 points Project Due: On or before Friday, October 29 th , 2010, by 5pm . Turn it in during class, or in my mailbox in Griffin Floyd 103 - the mailbox is UNDER the label Ripol. Late Projects will be accepted until Friday, November 5 th , in class , but will result in a 10-point penalty. Purpose: To study the relationship between texting habits and Facebook friends for UF students and learn how to perform Simple Linear Regression using Minitab. 1. Collect the data You need to collect data on the number of texts sent the previous day (or on a typical day), number of Facebook friends and gender of at least 30 UF students. Explain to the participants what the data will be used for. The data should be treated confidentially. You may collect data on yourself, you friends, classmates, or students that you don’t know. This is NOT a random sample, but it would be quite difficult to do it at random. A template for the data collection form is provided on the website. You should cut the slips before hand, and bring an envelope with you, so that participants can place the slips in the envelope without anyone else handling them. 2.
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Project1_001 - STA 3024 Worth: Project 1 Fall 2010 30...

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