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STA 2023 Summer A 2011 Quiz 1 Study Guide Material: Chapters 1-3. Only the material that was covered in class is relevant to the quiz. If something in your notes is unclear, use the book as a supplement to the notes. Equations (or things to calculate): Mean: g G g ± G ±²g . Memorize and be able to use. Variance / standard deviation: You do not need to memorize these formulas, but you should have a general understanding of how they are calculated. Also, you should be able to calculate these with your calculator. Placement of the median: G³g ´ You should memorize this and be able to apply it. This formula can be generalized to find the location of the pth percentile as ( G + 1) ∗ ± . IQR: Q3 – Q1. Memorize and be able to use.
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Unformatted text preview: Empirical Rule: 68 - 95 - 99.7. Know, understand and be able use. LSR equation: ² ³ = ´g + µ . Memorize and understand all pieces. Residual: ² ± − ² ³ . Memorize and be able to use. Least Squares estimates: You will not have to memorize the LSEs for slope and y-intercept, but you should be able to use them if they are given to you, and you should be able to calculate them if the equations are given to you. Note: Understanding what the equations mean and why they are relevant is just as important as knowing the equation itself. This class is very conceptual, so I suggest understanding the concepts as opposed to trying to memorize formulas and algorithms....
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