TRANSAMERICA E.C. - She showed care for him like when she...

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Austin Hennessey “Transamerica” Extra Credit Student ID#: 732549819 Class # 129 My first reaction to Bree was that she looked different. I don’t think that she looked exactly like a male but she seemed to have some masculine qualities. These were greater displayed in the way she talked. At the beginning she was practicing talking before she would call people. Her mannerisms were excellent. She was very polite and used very good manners. If she would have had the surgery before she confronted her son, I think that it would have helped in this particular case. It might have been easier to explain to him if she didn’t have to hide that she had male anatomy. Her son might have still been a little upset but not as mad as he was that she was hiding it from him. I think that Bree’s actions towards Toby were motherly if anything. She always told him to quit doing the things that were bad for him and she told him to eat his vegetables.
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Unformatted text preview: She showed care for him like when she actually told him that she was his father. When he got upset it really worried her and she showed care by trying to stop him from leaving. She also offered him a place to live by telling him that he could come and live with her. I think that Bree’s parents meant that they love her but they don’t want her to change her gender. She is their son and they will always love her but they are saying that they don’t respect that she is female on the inside. Obviously she can’t help how she feels and her parents don’t quite understand that. Overall I thought the film was very interesting. I have never seen anything like it before. It really opens your eyes to things. I think that some of the things that happened were a little to much like when Toby kissed Bree and wanted to have sex with her. I mean he did not know that she was his father but it was just a little weird....
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TRANSAMERICA E.C. - She showed care for him like when she...

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