YY STA4502 F11 - STA 4502/5507 Nonparametric Statistics...

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STA 4502 Course Outline, Spring 2011 Page 1 of 4 STA 4502/5507 Nonparametric Statistics Meets on MWF at 12:50 – 1:40 in PUGH 170 Prerequisite: STA 2023 or STA 3032 or STA 4210 or STA 4322. Instructor: Dr. Yasar Yesilcay ( yy@stat.ufl.edu ) Office: Griffin Floyd 101B, Phone: ( 352) 273 – 1839 Office Hours: MWF 10:40 – 11:30 and by appointment Course Documents at www.stat.ufl.edu/~yy/STA4502 Teaching Assistants: Arkendu Chatterjee, Room: FLO 116D, Phone: 273 – 1849 Office Hours: TBA and by appointment Dan Raghinaru, Room FLO 117D, Phone: 273 – 2974 Office Hours: TBA, and by appointment Course Description: Introduction to nonparametric statistics, including one and two sample testing and estimation methods, one and two way layout models and correlation and regression models. Course Materials Required: 1) Text: Hollander, M and Wolfe, D (1999). Nonparametric Statistical Methods , John Wiley, NY. [ISBN 978 – 0 – 471 – 19405 – 5] 2) Calculator capable of calculating means ( X ) and standard deviations (S and σ, some calculators show these as σ n-1 and σ n respectively). If your calculator also estimates the intercept (a) and slope (b) in y = a + bX and the correlation coefficient (r) (in simple linear regression) it is much better. DO NOT INVEST TOO MUCH IN ANY FANCY CALCULATOR. Tests: Three problem type tests will be given in class on the dates listed below. Exam dates are fixed; contents may change depending on what we can cover. Tests Dates Coverage Test - 1 Wednesday September 30 Chapters 1, 2 4 Test - 2 Monday, November 7 Chapters 5, 6 Test - 3 Wednesday, December 7 Chapters 7, 8 10 Make sure to bring your calculator, pencils, eraser and A PICTURE ID to the tests. You will need to use a calculator in these exams. Make sure you know how to use your calculator. There will be no final exam for this course. Grades: Grades will be based on the 3 test results (30% each) and a project (10%). The total points for the whole semester will be rounded up before assigning letter grades. Grading Scale:
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YY STA4502 F11 - STA 4502/5507 Nonparametric Statistics...

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