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STA 4322/5328, Fall 2011 Introduction to Statistics Theory / Fundamentals of Statistical Theory Sections 035B/035C (3 credit hours) Course Information and Policies Objectives : The sequence of courses STA 4321–4322 (resp. 5325–5328) provides a formal and systematic introduction to mathematical statistics for students who have passed three semesters of standard undergraduate-level calculus and a first course in statistics. Major topics of STA 4322/5328 include normal-theory sampling distributions, estimation methods, properties of point estimators, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and related theory, and basic linear regression. The primary purpose of STA 4322/5328 is preparation for graduate-level study in statistics and closely related subjects. Prerequisite : a calculus-based course in probability (e.g., STA 4321 or STA 5325); basic vector calculus (MAC 2313, a prerequisite for STA 4321). Course Web Site : Instructor : Nikolay Bliznyuk, [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Ruoxuan Xiang, [email protected] (responsible for grading). Please limit your messages to those that can be fully answered in 1-2 sentences. To ensure timely response, mention STA 4322 or 5328 in the subject header. Lecture : Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11:45-12:35, Turlington L011. Office Hours : To be announced on the course web page, and subject to change in the first few weeks of class. Special appointments with the instructor may be arranged by mutual agreement.
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Bliznyuk-STA4322-fall2011 - STA 4322/5328, Fall 2011...

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