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ENGRI_111, Problem Set #5 Due. Friday, Nov. 12, 2004 For this problem set, you may choose to do either Option I or Option II. Each Option is worth the same amount of credit. The solutions for both Options will be published and you will be expected to understand these solutions for the final exam. Option I 1. Compare and contrast the STM with the AFM. Include a) operating principle, b) type of materials appropriate for analysis, and c) ambient conditions required for analysis. 2. Briefly describe one application for each STM and AFM. 3. What are the three components of a smart system? 4. Explain the differences between a piezoelectric and a ferroelectric material and give the name of a piezoelectric material and a ferroelectric material. Option II An atomic force microscope (AFM) topographical image of carbon nanotubes was acquired. The image also includes larger particles that are a residue of the process that
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