Syllabus4322 - STA4322 (Sect 5238) Introduction to...

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STA4322 (Sect 5238) Introduction to Statistical Theory Summer B 2009 STA5328 (Sect 4048)Fundamentals of Statistical Theory Instructor: Mark C. Yang Office: 202 Griffin-Floyd Hall Phone: 273-2979 E-mail: Office Hours: 5:10pm-6:30pm Tuesday and Thursday TA: Minzhao Liu Office: Griffin-Floyd 218 Phone: To be posted later E-mail: Office Hours: 1:30pm-3:00pm Wednesday and Friday CLASS : MTWRF - 2nd Period (9:30-10:45AM), Room 113 LIT CLASS WEB SITE : yang/STA4322 OBJECTIVE : The sequence of courses STA 4321-4322 is designed to give the undergraduate student a firm foundation in the basic theory of statistical inference. Three semesters of calculus are required in order to understand the course material. While probability theory is the main subject in STA 4321, STA 4322 deals primarily with the classical theory of estimation and hypothesis testing and their applications. The emphasis is on the full understanding of the fundamental concepts and derivations. From the Course Catalog:
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Syllabus4322 - STA4322 (Sect 5238) Introduction to...

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