Final_exam_3024 - STA 3024 SECTION 7454: Final Exam. Due...

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Unformatted text preview: STA 3024 SECTION 7454: Final Exam. Due April 25 th in GF Hall Room 201 or in my departmental mailbox by 4pm. No late exam will be accepted . Students Name in capitals: UFID: Students signature: On this paper , write your name and UFID. There is no scantron needed for this final exam. Do each problem on separate sheets of paper. You are free to use any formula learned in class. Feel free to use any computer software of your knowing as long as you clearly specify which one you used . Discussing any question in this exam with a third party will be considered cheating . No credit will be given to illegible answers. 1 Association of two categorical variables (32points) A survey is conducted to investigate the relationship between two variables: whether people classify themselves politically as extremely liberal, moderate, or extremely conservative, and whether they would vote for a female president. The results are shown below. Political view Would vote for female Would not Extremely liberal 42 2 Moderate 594 35 Extremely conservative 35 10 Researchers are particularly interested in looking at possible associations be- tween the two variables of interest. 1 1. Explain clearly why neither the two way anova nor the Mann Whitney U test are the appropriate procedures in to answer the researchers question .(2pts) 2. A statistician decides to apply a chisquare test of independence to reason- ably answer the question of independence of the variables of interest. Compute and interpret concisely the expected cell counts of the cells Moderate-Would vote and Extremely conservative-Would not vote (7pts) 3. Compute the Chisquare statistic and the p-value of the test.(6pts) 4. What would you decide at significance level = . 05 ? (2pts) 5. Do you believe that the statistician who decided to perform a chisquare test of indepence was right in doing so ? Explain clearly.(2pts) 6. Using a software of your choice perform Fishers test of independence and report the p-value along with the name of the software you used.(3pts) 7. At significance level .05 does Fishers test of independence agree with the conclusion of the Chisquare test of independence?(3pts) 8. Compute and interpret the standardized residuals of the cells Moderate- Would vote and Extremely conservative-Would not vote...
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Final_exam_3024 - STA 3024 SECTION 7454: Final Exam. Due...

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