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form4 - STA 3024 Homework 2 This form is only for people...

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Unformatted text preview: STA 3024 Homework 2 This form is only for people whose first name starts with any letter from ”p” to”t” . Suppose we want to investigate a potential association between gender and political affiliation.The table below shows the data from a random sample of potential voters. Gender Females Males Poltical party/Gender Democrats Independents 780 992 551 878 Republicans 600 554 1. For our sample data, calculate the conditional proportions of a voter being in a given party knowing its gender. (Your answer should be a 2 × 3 table of conditional percentages.) 2. Now let’s use this data to conduct a chi-squared test with α = 0.1. (a) Calculate each cell’s expected count for the chi-squared test. (Your answer should be a 2 × 3 table of expected counts.) (b) State the assumptions made by the chi-squared test. For each assumption, state whether or not it is satisfied by our data. (c) State the hypotheses for the chi-squared test. (d) Calculate the value of the test statistic X 2 . (e) In the following step, we will compare this observed X 2 value to a chi-squared distribution. What df should this chi-squared distribution have? (f) Find the p-value as best you can (i.e., “between 0.025 and 0.05”) using a chi-squared table or any other method of your choice. (g) Use this p-value to make a decision, and interpret this decision in the context of the actual variables. (Your interpretation should be understandable by someone who doesn’t know anything about this data or about statistics in general.) (h) Would you have needed to go through the chisquare test of independence procedure if the table was based on all possible voters ?Explain. ...
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