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hw1 - STA 3024 Assignment 1 Form 0 This form is only for...

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STA 3024 Assignment 1: Form 0 This form is only for people whose UFID number starts with 0. 1. A study is conducted to examine the effectiveness of a certain type of nicotine type of nicotine patch that helps people stop smoking. Eight people trying to stop smoking are divided into two groups of four. One group is asked to use the patch, while the other group is asked to use some alternative treatment. Is this an observational study or an experiment? 2. Five shoppers at a department store are randomly selected. These five shoppers spent an average of $49 in the store. From this, the store manager estimates that the average amount of money spent by any shopper in the store is $49. Identify the population, sample, parameter, and statistic that are relevant to this situation. 3. Suppose that, based on a random sample of 148 UF graduates with a certain major, a 95% confidence interval for the average starting salary (in thousands of dollars) for people with this major is (69 . 8 , 74 . 8) . True or false:
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