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Unformatted text preview: STA 3024 Assignment 3: Form 0 Suppose we’re studying two different formulations of flu vaccine. A random sample of nine patients is randomly divided into a group of five, which receive Formulation 1, and a group of four, which receive Formulation 2. The patients’ response to the flu vaccine is measured and recorded below. Higher values indicate that the vaccine worked better. (The response is measured in terms of “ n-fold increase in antibody response,” but that doesn’t matter.) We want to determine whether or not there is a difference between how well the two vaccine formulations work. Formulation 1 3.96 1.16 11.84 42.16 9.52 Formulation 2 16.90 1.82 3.20 4.00 This form is only for people whose UFID number starts with 0. 1. Explain why the Mann-Whitney U test is a better choice than the two-sample t test for analyzing this data. 2. Convert the data into ranks in the appropriate way for the Mann-Whitney U test. Show your answer as a table like the data table above, but with the ranks instead.your answer as a table like the data table above, but with the ranks instead....
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