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Question which case? Ha 95% CI p-value 1 Compare average number of alcoholic drinks consumed per week by UF under and upperclassmen (-5.21, -0.12) 0.040 2 Compare the proportion of non-“Greeks” and “Greeks” at UF that voted for Obama (0.202, 0.534) 0.000 3 Compare average number of text messages sent by Male and Female Hume residents (-14.89, 20.01) 0.770 4 Compare average price of items at and Best Buy (-62.6, -5.1) 0.022 5 Are prices more expensive, on average, at Graham Oasis than Publix? (0.852, 1.616) 0.000 6 Compare the proportion of Females and Males
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Unformatted text preview: at UF that report smoking marijuana at least 3 times per month. (-0.28, 0.02) 0.084 7 Do female UF students own more than 15 pairs of shoes, on average? (18.69, 26.88) 0.000 8 Are new textbooks more expensive, on average, at UF than Florida Bookstore? (4.52, 11.98) 0.000 9 Compare average number of hours per week that Male and Female UF students use the gym/sports facilities on campus (-1.134, 2.081) 0.559 10 Do the majority of UF students use caffeine to stay awake while studying for finals? A random sample had 93 out of 233 saying yes. (0.34, 0.47) 0.999...
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