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REVIEW TOPICS EXAM 1 – STA 3024 Chapter 10 STA2023 Material: Which Case? o One mean o Matched pairs difference o 2 independent means o One proportion o 2 independent proportions CI for comparing TWO groups: ( - , + ) NO sig diff ( -, , - ) group 2 sig higher ( + , + ) group 1 sig higher P-value REJ Ho if p-val< α Usual α levels: .10, .05, .01 Chapter 14 ANOVA Identify: o experiment vs observational study o response variable o experimental units o factors, treatments o replications ANOVA - used to compare means of several groups by comparing variability between trts to variability within trts o Assumptions: SRS (read story) Normal Distn (no outliers) Equal variances (compare stdev)
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Unformatted text preview: o Ho: 1 = 2 = . . . = g where g=# treatment groups o Ha: not all treatment means are equal o ANOVA Table: GIVEN SS, FIND df, MS, F, p-value (only alpha=.05 table) o Conclusions o Follow Up compare the means CI for each mean, Tukey, Fisher from output Bonferroni by hand (formula margin of error given) Family confidence vs Individual confidence Put means in order, draw lines to summarize TWO-Way ANOVA Two Factors o ANOVA Table: Sources of Variability, df, MS, F o Interactions are possible: Test for Interaction FIRST Plot of Means non parallel lines interaction...
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