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REVIEW TOPICS EXAM 1 - o Ho μ 1 = μ 2 = = μ g where g=...

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REVIEW TOPICS EXAM 1 – STA 3024 Chapter 10 STA2023 Material: Which Case? o One mean o Matched pairs difference o 2 independent means o One proportion o 2 independent proportions CI for comparing TWO groups: ( - , + ) NO sig diff ( -, , - ) group 2 sig higher ( + , + ) group 1 sig higher P-value REJ Ho if p-val< α Usual α levels: .10, .05, .01 Chapter 14 ANOVA Identify: o experiment vs observational study o response variable o experimental units o factors, treatments o replications ANOVA - used to compare means of several groups by comparing variability between trts to variability within trts o Assumptions: SRS (read story) Normal Distn (no outliers) Equal variances (compare stdev)
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Unformatted text preview: o Ho: μ 1 = μ 2 = . . . = μ g where g=# treatment groups o Ha: not all treatment means are equal o ANOVA Table: GIVEN SS, FIND df, MS, F, p-value (only alpha=.05 table) o Conclusions o Follow Up – compare the means − CI for each mean, Tukey, Fisher from output − Bonferroni by hand (formula margin of error given) − Family confidence vs Individual confidence − Put means in order, draw lines to summarize • TWO-Way ANOVA – Two Factors o ANOVA Table: Sources of Variability, df, MS, F o Interactions are possible: − Test for Interaction FIRST − Plot of Means – non parallel lines interaction...
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