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Austin Hennessey Student ID#: 732549819 Class #: 129 Out of Class Assignment #1 What is the perfect body and why are women in society starving themselves to achieve and conform to this so called perfect body image? I have a very close relative suffering from anorexia nervosa, and although I am a male I was interested in learning more about how the media affects women and eating disorders. The article I chose was about the role of self-objectification in the experience of women with eating disorders. This article stated that sexual objectification occurs whenever a person is viewed, evaluated, reduced to, and/or treated by others as merely a body. This is proven to be hard for everyone, but especially harmful to women. The objectification theory believes self-objectification to be a survival strategy for any young women living in a society that sexually objectifies the female body. Women observe others critiques made and in turn become self-monitors obsessing over their own physical appearance. In doing this, women view their bodies through an objective lens that has been linked to a variety of negative consequences such as: experiencing body shame, anxiety, negative attitudes regarding menstruation, depression, sexual dysfunctions, and disordered eating. Through this article I believe that self-objectification seems to be a critical factor in identifying the type of treatment and recovery program for women with eating disorders. I say this because eating disorders are response to feeling powerless and one is trying to control the objectification of their body. The media negatively affects the way women view their bodies. The virtually unavoidable exposure of sexual critiques regarding female bodies in the media is a major contributor to women’s negative self-perception. The negative immediate impact of daily exposure to thin beautiful women further proves that the media contributes to negative body images. These negative effects that the media has on women are a cause, which results in women with eating disorders. Everyone woman feels the pressure by the media to be thin and beautiful, and conform to the ideal standards of what is considered sexy. Having these impossible ideals over your head, it is no wonder that so many women
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experience body shame. Women with eating disorders behave in these unhealthy ways in an attempt to alleviate these feelings of shame regarding their own bodies. This article questioned 120 women with eating disorders in a residential treatment facility. Of the participants, the average was 23 years and 95% were women of European American descent. 31.2% were diagnosed with anorexia nervosa
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HD FS 276 - Austin Hennessey Student ID 732549819 Class 129...

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